Hi there!

My name is Lanie Funaro. I am currently a senior studying Mass Communications at the University of South Florida. Go bulls!

I am interested in fashion and travel PR, advertising, and event planning. I enjoy writing and creative design so I am eager to dive in!

My work experience in the food and retail industry has helped me develop superior communication and customer service skills. I started my first job at a pizzeria when I was a 16-year-old sophomore in high school. Now, at the age of 24, I’m a senior in college and still working there. Before transferring to USF, I went to a community college where I earned my AA. I picked up a second job at JCPenney, hoping my love for fashion would lead to an internship within the company.  I worked at JCPenney for two years while balancing school and the pizzeria. After transferring to USF, I wanted more time to focus on school so I stayed at the pizzeria.

I’m interested in volunteer opportunities and internships to get hands-on experience to better prepare myself for the real world. I’m excited to enter a fast-paced career where no two days are the same and sleep is over rated.


Contact information:

Cell: (352) 610-0790






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